The US Africa Collaborative, a leading organization in promoting sustainable development and resilience, presents its flagship initiative, the Pan African Symposium on the Pan African City. This vital platform convenes stakeholders to address the pressing housing crisis within African Diaspora communities. Set against the backdrop of the 2024 Pan African City Exposition at Bowie State University, a historic HBCU, this symposium is a pivotal moment to unite individuals invested in tackling these communities’ housing challenges.

The symposium, a comprehensive platform, brings together students, professionals, academics, government officials, and nonprofit agencies. It spotlights the urgency of sustainable development, resilience, and affordable housing through over 70 sessions. These delve into critical themes like Sustainability, Resilience, and Inclusion, featuring cutting-edge research and international best practices.

In recent years, there has been a growing recognition of the need to strengthen ties between Africa and its diaspora communities, particularly in addressing the housing crisis. Historical factors like colonization and migration have contributed to the dispersal of people of African descent, necessitating collaborative efforts to overcome shared challenges.

The symposium is more than just a platform for discussion. It’s a community of individuals united by a common goal-to address the housing crisis within African Diaspora and the United States communities. It strongly emphasizes collaboration, recognizing its crucial role in fostering sustainable solutions tailored to each community’s unique needs. Focusing on challenges such as urbanization and environmental degradation aims to promote equitable access to housing and enhance community resilience.

Furthermore, the symposium underscores the economic, social, and cultural significance of addressing the housing crisis within a Pan-African context. Through discussions on Economic Growth, Knowledge Exchange, and Policy Enhancement, it seeks to empower marginalized communities and amplify their voices on the global stage.

The 2024 Pan African Symposium on the Pan African City is not just a conference, it's a call to action. It's a call to policymakers, practitioners, researchers, students and advocates like you to prioritize housing as a fundamental human right. By fostering collaboration, innovation, exchange solutions, the symposium aims to pave the way for a brighter future where all communities can access safe, affordable, and sustainable housing. Your participation is not just appreciated, it's essential in making this vision a reality.

Peer Review

UAC PACE upholds high standards of academic rigor and integrity. All abstracts and papers submitted for the conference undergo a double-blind peer review process by established scholars who are expects in their fields (Please see the list of our scientific Committee below). Journals linked to the conference also add another layer of blind peer review.

Scientific Review Committee

Dr. Sijekula Mbanga (Chairperson)

Nelson Mandela University
South Africa

Dr. David Abrahams

Bowie State University

Dr. Khululekani Ntakana

University of Johannesburg
South Africa

Ms. Tanya Bansal

Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development,
University of Maryland
College Park, USA

Dr. George Onatu

University of Johannesburg
Johannesburg, South Africa

Professor Smart Uchegbu

University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus

Dr. Ernest Nene Khalema

University of KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Dr. Joseph Rehema Monko

Ardhi University, Tanzania

Mr. Fred Banuelos

Community Investment Business Development Manager
Federal Home Loan Bank of Pittsburgh
Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

Dr. Brian Wasserman

Minnesota State University at Mankato
Minnesota, USA

Professor Immaculata Nwokoro

University of Lagos
Lagos, Nigeria

Ms. Patricia Wells

Past President National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
President and CEO, Housing Authority of the City of Oakland
Oakland, California USA

Dr. Sheri Parks

University of Maryland,
College Park, Maryland, USA

Ms. Margaret McFarland, Esq.

Founding Director
Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development
College Park, Maryland, USA

Dr. Tshepang Mosiea

Republic of South Africa Department of Science and Innovation
South Africa

Professor Jesse Saginor

Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland, USA

Professor Thulisile Mphambukeli

University of Johannesburg
South Africa

Mr. Brian McLaughlin

CEO & Founder
Social Impact, Real Estate Development & Investment
Washington, DC, USA

Dr. Samuel Medayese

Federal University of Technology
Minna, Nigeria

Mr. John Papagni

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development
Largo, Maryland, USA

Dr. Hope Magidimisha-Chipungu

SARChI Chair for Inclusive Cities
University of KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Mr. Stacy Spann

Head of Housing Access & Affordability
Wells Fargo Foundation
Washington, DC USA

Dr. BYC Mvuyana

Acting Head of Department, Department of Public Administration and Economics
Mangosuthu University of Technology
Durban, South Africa

Ms. Diane Bell-McCoy

President and CEO Transitions and Transformations
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Professor Joseph Kamuzhanje

Rural and Urban Development Consultant
Harare, Zimbabwe

Mr. Brien O’Toole

Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development

Mr. Anthony Olowoyeye

Fijad Housing Solutions
Bathgate, Scotland, United Kingdom

Dr. John Park

Colvin Institute of Real Estate Development
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland, USA

Mr. Jeff Mosely

Capital Impact Partners National
Equitable Development Initiative
Washington, DC, USA

Dr. Al Hathaway

Pastor Emeritus, Union Baptist Church
Baltimore, Maryland USA

Professor Prudence Khumalo

Department of Public Administration & Management
College of Economic and Management Sciences
University of South Africa
Pretoria, South Africa

Dr. Frank Moffat

University of Venda
Limpopo, South Africa

Ms. Lara Oyedele

Past President, Chartered Institute of Housing
CEO, Black on Board Ltd
Bradford, England, United Kingdom

Mr. Stephen Molinari

National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials
Washington, DC, USA

Dr. Al Gourrier

University of Baltimore
Baltimore, Maryland USA

Partners, Collaborators and Friends

2024 Pan African City Exposition:

“Building Equity and Sustainability for the Future”